Competitor Information


  • Competitions release the schedules 7-10 days before the competition. As soon as we receive it, we will email it to all competitors and post it on Facebook. Please screenshot the e-mail so you have it saved to your phone for easy access. 

  • Competitions often run ahead of schedule - you can never be too early!

  • Competitions also jump around if a certain group is not ready to perform, do not be alarmed if you see groups going out of order. 

  • There is no cost to attend the competition as an audience member.

  • There are usually concession stands and apparel merchandise to purchase along with photos.

  • Parents will help their student find our group in the designated dressing area and check them in under the MADA sign. You can help your student get ready and then can head to the audience. Their teacher or a staff member will get them to the stage on time. If you have a young performer and want to help backstage or be there to help them with changes - that is completely okay! We ask parents of older students to stay in the audience unless you are a backstage volunteer.

  • Students must stay for awards and should wear MADA apparel if they have it. After the awards are over they may leave. They may also leave to get lunch or something to eat as long as they are back for awards (which can run an hour+ early).

  • Competition fees are PER SONG, PER DANCER and range between $55-$65 for group numbers, and more for solos/duos. If your student is in ballet, tap, and jazz, they will have a fee for EACH of those genres, at both competitions.

  • Competitors perform at the end of the year recital, June 11th, 2020

  • Competitors might have opportunities to perform in the community at Fairs, Retirement Communities, parades, and more - if the opportunities present themselves throughout the year.

  • Attendance is very important for events and regular classes



Energy Competition Fort Wayne, IN

MARCH 12-14, 2021

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum

4000 Parnell Ave

Ft. Wayne, IN


Rainbow Competition Grand Rapids, MI

APRIL 30-MAY 2, 2021

Kenowa Hills Performing Arts Center

3825 Hendershot Ave NW

Grand Rapids, MI



Center part with sock/sponge bun. The bun should NOT be in the middle like shown below, it should be BELOW THE EAR. Use gel and hairspray for flyaways, and bobby pins/elastics that match your own hair color. Competitors should have a hair net over the bun.



Gold eye shadow, black eyeliner, fake eyelashes, red lipstick, with pink blush. Picture below of an example of performance  make up.

Checklist for students:

𝤿  Costumes

𝤿  Tights… and extra tights!

𝤿  All Shoes

𝤿  Tan leotard for under costumes

𝤿  Bobby pins

𝤿  Hair spray/gel & hair net

𝤿  Makeup

𝤿  Snacks

𝤿  Water





BE RESPECTFUL TO TEACHERS, STUDENTS, TEAM MATES, & other competitors at the competitions! Please represent MADA proudly!


Should a competitor want to leave their team before the season is over, the following will take place:

  • NO refunds for costumes or competition fees that have already been paid.

  • NO refunds for classes already taken, or classes that were paid for with monthly tuition. 

  • Previous past due balance for prior classes student already took during the season must be paid for.

  • 1 month post tuition will be paid for additional time that is required by teacher and students to re-block choreography.

  • Competitor must have a sit down meeting with teacher and director explaining reasons for leaving so we can ensure the student feels supported. Parents can attend meeting but it is not required.

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