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30 minute class: $47.50/month

45 minute class: $52.50/month

60 minute class: $57.50/month


All payment methods are required to be setup on auto-pay. Verify we have correct card information before the 1st. Payment must be made if the student attends a class or not. Open studio is available to make up missed or cancelled classes. $25 non-refundable registration fee per student (3rd student & beyond registration is waived for siblings) due at sign-up. See chart for current dance tuition.


private lessons

Private Lessons (1 student)

30 min/$20

45 min/$30

60 min/$40

Private Lessons (2 student duo)

30 min/$15 per student 

45 min/$20 per student 

60 min/$25 per student 

Private Lessons (3 student trio)

30 min/$10 per student 

45 min/$15 per student 

60 min/$20 per student 

Dance Classes

Twinkle Toes (3-5 yrs)
Class learns finger plays and fun songs with movement.  They learn to take turns, stand in line, follow directions, and cooperate with others.  They learn a few ballet terms as well as marching, hopping, and galloping.  They will use lots of imagination and toys in class.  

Preschool Ballet & Tap (3-5 yrs)
For preschoolers, this class learns approximately a dozen ballet terms as well as 1st and 2nd positions.  They learn to hop on 1 foot, skip, and right and left.  They play lots of fun games all while learning social skills and boosting self esteem.  Students will change into their tap shoes halfway through the class. Tap is great for fine motor development, musicality and rhythm. Its also a lot of fun and perfect for a preschooler full of energy!

Ballet (5yrs+)
Our ballet classes teach students a combination of the Cecchetti, French, and Russian Schools of ballet.  We have a graded curriculum which does not match the student's grade in school.  

Prepointe/Pointe (12yrs+)
These ballet classes are performed on full pointe(the tip of the toes) with pointe shoes and must be taken in tandem with ballet or technique.  Pointe classes are only offered to students 11 years and up whom have received teacher recommendations.  Students must take several years of ballet before being ready for pointe.

Technique (6yrs+)
This is primarily a ballet technique class. Ballet is the foundation of dance and improves the quality of every dancer. It is extremely important. Expect barre work, strengthening, flexibility, jumps, turns, etc. There is no registration fee and no choreography. It is solely concentrated on working to become a better dancer all around. Expect large class and wide range of ages. 

Tap (5yrs+)
Tap requires rhythm and a great deal of coordination.  We teach traditional Al Gilbert style tap that is on a graded curriculum.  It does not match their grade in school.  

Jazz and Hip Hop (5yrs+)
What is the difference between Jazz and Hip Hop? Jazz is what is seen in many Broadway type shows such as “Cats”.  It is a more structured, technical, stage style of dance.  Hip Hop is a fast, high energy performance style of dance seen in popular culture. 

Lyrical (11yrs+)
Students must have a min of 3 years in ballet, jazz, or technique. Lyrical is similar to ballet combining its technical aspects with freedom and fluidity of jazz. It is normally choreographed to the lyrics of a song. It often conveys deep emotion and dramatic feeling.  Students must also take technique or ballet.

Competitive Dance

By studio invitation only.  We want everyone to love dance.  We try to group like minded students so everyone will enjoy their class.  For competition classes, we look for students with talent, good work ethic, commitment, good attendance and team spirit to participate. We push these students harder and expect them to work.

How do I become a competitor? Students need to be recommended into competition by an instructor and director. Once invited, student and parent must attend a competitor meeting and sign a yearly contract.

Are there any extra charges? Competition fees can be anywhere between $50-$175 per song, depending if you’re doing a solo(most expensive), duo, trio, or class performance. Student is responsible for costume, apparel, competition, make-up, accessories, yearly tuition, registration, travel, etc.
I’m interested in competition, but I’m involved in activities at school. How will that work with attendance? Missing more than 6 classes will result in automatic team removal. Notify us immediately of any dates you know you will be absent. If we know about them before we sign the required contract,

it is possible to excuse the dancer.  technique or ballet.


PIANO (5 yrs+) & VOICE(10 yrs+) 
We currently offer private and semi-private, 30 minute or 1 hour lessons. One-on-one instruction allows students to progress at their own pace and gain the best understanding of musical techniques.  Semi-private lessons are great for best friends to learn how to sing duets together, siblings to learn piano at the same time, small ensembles to learn to sing or play well together or get training to prepare for variety shows or special performances. Students can start private lessons any time of the year or month, pending availability. 30 minute lessons cost $20 and 60 minute lessons cost $40. We offer online payment, along with cash or check at the studio.


Participants can drop in to any of the above fitness classes for a $5 fee. Regular attendees can purchase a punch ca​rd for $40 good for any 10 adult fitness classes at either studio. 

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